The annual Software Upgrade for your PROGNOST®-Predictor installation consists of new features resulting from our continuous product improvement process.

PROGNOST®‑Predictor Version 7 has added several important features, some that are visible and some not. Many of the software components used by the software were upgraded to the latest versions. Although you won’t see this improvement, you can be assured that the product is being kept up to date with the latest Microsoft and other vendor technologies. This was done to make use of some new features and to maintain future support. If the components are too old they go out of support.

One of the background improvements is the storage of dynamic data to HDF5 file system. This is a light weight, optimized storage technology. This enhancement provides faster data access and also allows the implementation a more robust data decimation and backup solution. The configuration is still stored in a SQL database, but the dynamic data is stored in the HDF5 file system.
For future systems, this storage system allows us to deliver the server using Windows 10 instead of the full server environment which simplifies the IT administration.

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