Detection of a damaged crankshaft bearing

Hitachi-Buckhardt Hyper Compressor F10

Machine data

  • Hitachi-Buckhardt Hyper Compressor F10
  • 10 cylinders, 2 stages, in Ethylene service for LDPE production
  • Speed: 189 rpm
  • Power: 11 186 kW (15000 hp)
  • Inlet pressure: 250 bar (3,626 psi) / Outlet pressure: 3.165 bar (45,904 psi)
Hitachi-Buckhardt Hyper Compressor F10

Monitoring equipment and sensor positions

Monitoring sensor positions

Sequence of events

Development of vibration increase over time

Long term trend over 6 months of the crosshead slide vibration of cylinder B1 in 3D plot
  • Since May 30, for segments 31 and 32, vibration values increase
    from 2,5 m/s² (0.25 g) to over 10 m/s² (1 g)
Segmented vibration plot
  • Machine was shutdown on Nov 15
  • After maintenance no more vibrations were recorded for these segments visible


Crankshaft bearing of the B1 cylinder
  • Babbit coat severely damaged