Restart after trip: Broken suction valve caused serious cylinder damage


  • Plant:  Gas Injection Compressor in Middle East
  • Machine:  Nuovo Pignone, horizontal compressor
  • Design:  4 Throws, 3 Stages
  • Medium:  Natural Gas

Sequence of events:

  • On 5th September at 8:05pm, the compressor was tripped due to high crosshead vibration at cylinder 3, 2nd stage
  • On 06th September at 09:22am, the compressor was restarted and ran for about two minutes. Loud noice was noticed by the operator
  • PROGNOST Customer Support was informed to check the machine condition.
  • Route cause analysis pointed to a broken suction valve

Logbook with detected Suction valve failure, Cyl. 3, 2nd stage, Head end