Realistic simulation of sensors with the PROGNOST®-SenSim

With PROGNOST®-SenSim, testing of machine protection systems procedures can be carried out without disassembly and reassembly of the sensors.

One Device for all testing Routines

PROGNOST®-SenSim is a portable device for the simulation of sensor signals. It simulates static and dynamic signals for measuring loop test routines.

Sensor Simulation Capabilities

Simulation of sensors with separate setting for static and dynamic signal components Simulation of full sensor measuring range Predefined Sensor library including most commonly used Eddy Current and Acceleration / Velocity Sensor Types User conveniently apply values in units they regularly deal  with (g’s, inch/sec, mil, bar etc). eliminating the need for complex electrical conversion into mV, mA etc.

Damage Simulation

Realistic signals up to 10 kHz allow simulation of real-life

Risk Avoidance

No calibration issues or damage of sensors due to disassembly, mechanical stimulation and reassembly. Eliminates the need of mechanical signal stimulation, e.g. shaker.

Regulatory Compliance

Proof Test Interval of SIS/Safety Protection systems with real safety limits and check of safety algorithms, e.g. voting, consecutive revolutions.

Reliable and user friendly

With PROGNOST®-SenSim Handheld, users are able to configure the PROGNOST®-SenSim Generator for simulating signals. After configuration, data is applied to the Generator which is then ready to be used independently from the Handheld. After connecting the measuring loops, the Generator will produce the previously configured simulation values in order to check the measuring loop and safety protection systems.

Available Language Versions