Confidence Factor in PROGNOST®-Predictor patented

PROGNOST®-Predictor is an automated health advisory system for bearings and gearboxes that provides early fault detection by utilizing advanced diagnostics. Specific analyses monitor multiple component types, including sleeve and rolling element bearings, gears, motors and shafts – providing health information and historical data. This online diagnostic system features an innovative technique called “Confidence Factor” (US Patent 9,091,588 B2).  Confidence Factor is a pattern recognition technique that quantifies the similarity of the measured peaks to the expected fault peak frequencies and pattern. The Confidence Factor provides an actionable benchmark of whether a measurement actually represents a real fault or damage.

PROGNOST®-Predictor users enjoy the highly reliable detection of component anomalies in very early stages without the threat of false alarms.

On July 28, 2015 the patent for the Confidence Factor-technology has been granted by the USPTO to PROGNOST Systems GmbH.