Partnership / Customer Support – Right from the Start

When PROGNOST Systems project managers finalize the installation of your new system, it does not mean you are on your own. Our Customer Support team stands by in the critical moments, e.g. during initial system and machinery start-up and during the entire lifecycle of the installation.

24/7 Helpdesk

Helpdesk with personal support is a valuable resource and provides expert know-how around the clock. Remote access to your system allows fast and efficient advice.

User Seminars

  • The Initial User Seminar addresses all users and is the key to ensure a smooth start.
  • The Advanced User Seminar covers advanced diag­nostic methods and root cause analyses.
  • The seminar for Control Room Personnel covers the ba­sics for using condensed machine condition information.
  • Participants of the Instrumentation Specialists Seminar will become skilled in the fundamentals of PROG­NOST® hard­ and software.

Condition Reports

Machinery Health Reports are written status reports compiled by the diagnostic experts of PROGNOST Systems. The conclusions and recommendations are based on the monitoring data of your PROGNOST® system.

Software Upgrade

PROGNOST gains knowledge about everyday challeng­es our clients face like, machinery issues, solutions, and special requests from customers. Each year, all these experiences are transformed into a new, full-version Software Upgrade.

Available Language Versions