With the software upgrade PROGNOST®-NT V17, there is now an alternative way to visualize machine status. The component oriented view shows the condition of the monitored and protected machine components, depending on the detail level of the machine picture.

VISU Upgrade V17 at a Glance

It is essential that the condition monitoring technology of your machinery is always up-to-date. The software upgrade of your PROGNOST®‑NT software delivers all advantages of our ongoing product developments.

For the User

  • Component Oriented User Guidance
  • Enhanced Cursor Function
  • New Drag&Drop Function
  • Enhancement for OneClick Cockpit
  • System Entry in Tree Structure: Opens Automatically
  • Enhanced 3D Diagram
  • New Analysis: “Pressure Absolute Peak”
  • New functionality for Process Data listing (In & Out)
  • One Trigger for a complete Machine Train
  • Unicode & use of local language

For the System

  • Windows 10 supported
  • Optimization of IT security and use of resources by conversion to “services”
  • Uses IPv6

PROGNOST®-SILver Firmware Upgrade (Version 1.5)

  • Optimized signal plausibility check
  • Clear indication of loop faults

Available Language Versions

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