VISU Upgrade V17 at a Glance

It is essential that the condition monitoring technology of your machinery is always up-to-date. The software upgrade of your PROGNOST®‑NT software delivers all advantages of our ongoing product developments.

For the User

  • Component Oriented User Guidance
  • Enhanced Cursor Function
  • New Drag&Drop Function
  • Enhancement for OneClick Cockpit
  • System Entry in Tree Structure: Opens Automatically
  • Enhanced 3D Diagram
  • New Analysis: “Pressure Absolute Peak”
  • New functionality for Process Data listing (In & Out)
  • One Trigger for a complete Machine Train
  • Unicode & use of local language

For the System

  • Windows 10 supported
  • Optimization of IT security and use of resources by conversion to “services”
  • Uses IPv6

PROGNOST®-SILver Firmware Upgrade (Version 1.5)

  • Optimized signal plausibility check
  • Clear indication of loop faults

Available Language Versions