On November 20, 2000, the companies in Rheine and Houston, USA were founded. Worldwide business activities began with the first two customers, Wintershall Refinery (today BP) in Lingen, Germany, and Dow Chemicals Freeport, Texas.

PROGNOST Systems GmbH was born exactly 20 years ago. As a spin-off of Kötter Consulting Engineers GmbH, also Rheine, Germany. The young company was dedicated to the automatic diagnosis of reciprocating compressors in the process industry.

The oil, gas, and chemical industries were and still are the core market for the PROGNOST® product line, which consists of sensors, data acquisition hardware, diagnostic software, and visualization. Already 20 years ago, Texas was the epicenter of the North American oil and gas industry. The simultaneous founding of the U.S. subsidiary in Houston was therefore the logical step to ensure the necessary customer proximity for sales and service of the products. Today, the PROGNOST Systems Group employs 92 people in Rheine, Houston, Abu Dhabi, Pune (India), Calgary, Bangkok and Madrid.

PROGNOST Germany employees

PROGNOST would like to thank all our customers, business partners and employees for the successful cooperation and the dedication that we have shared. PROGNOST looks forward to the next 20 years.