We are the technological leader in

Safety Protection and Online Monitoring for Rotating Equipment

providing remote diagnostics with an experience of more than 25 years.

PROGNOST®-NT monitors Rotating Equipment all over the world; we are the unquestioned marketleader for online compressor diagnostics. The strong customer orientation is reflected in influences to our R&D efforts. We will continue to strengthen our market position and maintain our brand to be the No. 1 supplier for online condition monitoring systems for all critical Rotating Equipment.


Segmented crossheadvibrations over one revolution (360°) with pressure curve and corresponding valve activities

Products for online diagnostics of compressors, pumps, bearings, gearboxes


SIL 2-certified Safety Protection for Rotating Equipment


Safety Protection and Online Condition Monitoring for Rotating Equipment


Temporary and periodic Online Condition Monitoring


Bearing- and Gearbox diagnostics


Sensor simulation
instead of stimulation